Social Media

Social media isn’t just for sharing memes of LOLCats. These days our favorite viral sensations are to share social media landscape with high targeted advertisements and for good reason. With billions and trillions of users going worldwide, social networks possess valuable insights about users’ interests, likes, & habits.

The most advanced targeting options, mobile prevalence and reliable conversion tracking make social networks one of the most viable platforms for online advertising. Whether you’re looking to find new clients or to retarget existing clients, our paid social team at Bitware Technologies Marketing has developed very well proprietary processes to target your core audience using funnel strategy, interest targeting, custom targeting, and A/B testing. Our social experts combine data-driven targeting & their expertise skill sets to optimize your ROI.


Data-Driven Targeting

In this competitive social advertising market, it is very much critical that your brand has the best strategy of targeting in place. Our team develops top-notch targeting through in depth research and data pulled from Analytics and Facebook’s Audience Insights, approaches for our clients.

Optimize ROI

Our team’s priorities are always aligned with those of our clients. We ensure that all of our client’s meet their KPIs and focus on generating the highest CTRs, lowest CPCs, and driving the biggest ROI.


Interest Targeting

We utilize interest targeting features on Facebook to reach your desired audience. At Bitware Technologies Marketing, we take it one step further with A/B testing of Creative’s & Ad Copies. Then, we go on with additional testing to make sure our ad spend is reaching to the right Audience. Just like you, we don’t want any precious ad dollars going to waste.

Funnel Strategy

“As all know – Content is king” – easily one of the most repetitive phrases in world of marketing industry. And it is no exception in social advertising. At Bitware Technologies Marketing, our paid social team works closely with our content department to produce crisp and clean content for your blog or landing pages. This content is customized and very strategically designed to drive the most relevant audiences to your website by increasing conversion rate & generating more sales.

Custom Retargeting

Facebook’s ad retargeting is one of the most powerful features available to social advertisers and it is absolutely crucial to the success of your social ad strategy. We use social/custom retargeting capabilities to identify and create both broad & specific audiences, customizing them by targeting a specific demographic, getting more granular with connections such as interest, activities, & behavior. Our social creative experts use list-based, pixel-based, or custom lookalike audience methods to implement the most effective retargeting plan for your business, leading to an improvement in overall campaign performance and better use of your ad spend.