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  • IOT Based Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring System


    IOT Based Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring System

    Problem Statement:
                In Real-Time Monitoring System, to reduce the time lag in between actual requirement and service treatment and to make an effective healthcare system using IoT and cloud platform by using raspberry pi and various health monitoring sensors.

         In the advanced development of … Continue reading

  • IoT Security Technologies

    IoT Security Technologies
    The world of the Internet of Things (IoT) may be thrilling and exciting, but there are also many technical challenges that need to be addressed on a wide platform. IoT security breaches have been dominating the technology headlines lately. In a survey of security professionals, 96% of them agreed to a great increase … Continue reading

  • IoT Trends in 2018

    IoT Trends in 2018
    Mobile app technology is crammed with new innovations and has been the center of attention for many years. The apps have made a great contribution to help the mobile industry and facilitate the business world.

    Many years turned out to be phenomenal years with great advancements for the app company. Mobile apps effectively … Continue reading

  • SEO Friendly Web Design


    The design of a website is one of the promising key success factors which not only affect the user experience or user-friendliness of the site, but also the SEO campaigns. Implementation of SEO while designing of website is nothing but implementing search engine standards that also target on the best possible user experience as well … Continue reading

  • Cross Browser Testing


    Browser compatibility testing means to test the site/application in multiple browsers and making sure that it works consistently and as in intended without any dependencies, or compromise in Quality.

    Cross browser testing is applicable in both Web and Mobile application.

    The Browser specific functional parameters impact the performance of an application and behavior across different browsers. It … Continue reading

  • Sprite Kit VS Unity


    Sprite Kit and Unity are a game development tool for creating games. Both have their own good features for development. Unity provides both 2D and 3D development of games. Sprite kit provides 2D development of games. Unity was developed as a 3D engine, but it current versions provides full built-in 2D support as well.

    Which technology … Continue reading

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