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  • 23 Mar 2017

    What is Swift



    Swift is a new programming language for iOS, watchOS, MacOS, and tvOS apps that build on the best of C & Objective-C, without of the constraints of C compatibility. Swift adopts safe programming patterns and adds modern features to more flexible, make programming easier, and more fun. Swift’s clean slate, backed by the much-loved Cocoa … Continue reading

  • 22 Mar 2017

    What is Manual Testing


    Manual Testing is a type of software testing. In Manual testing testers manually execute the test cases without using any automation tool. Every new application starting automation testing before must be done manual testing.

    The main goal of the manual testing is to make sure that the application under test is bug-free and application are working … Continue reading

  • 22 Mar 2017

    Social Media Marketing


    In Last Blog we have seen what Digital Marketing is. Now we will see what Social Media Marketing is and what is the need of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Social Media Marketing is one of the most important profiles in digital marketing. Basically social Media Marketing is the process of acquiring more traffic from social … Continue reading

  • 17 Mar 2017


    What is Defect?
    Defect is any difference between expected and actual result. Defect is also known as the bug.
    A reason for defects:
     1)Requirement Phase Problems:
    Requirement related problem lead to developed functionality not as per user expectation. The problem can be:

    Unclear or missing Requirement: The customer is either not clear about his requirement.

    Frequently changing requirement: Changes become on … Continue reading

  • 16 Mar 2017



    Transition provides a way to control animation speed when changing CSS properties.CSS3 transitions allow you to change property values smoothly (from one value to another), over a given duration, you can cause the changes in a property to take place over a period of time. For example, if you change the background color of an element from white … Continue reading

  • 16 Mar 2017

    Swift – Functions


    A function is a set of statements which organized together to perform a specific task. Functions are used to pass local and global parameter values inside the function calls.

    Function Declaration – Function declaration tells about a function’s name, return type, and parameters to the compiler.
    Function Definition – Function Definition represent the actual body … Continue reading

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