Internet Of Things Real Applications

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IoT application

Internet of Things examples extends from smart connected homes to wearables to healthcare. Internet of things applications enhancing our comfort as well as give us more control to simplify routine work-life.

Internet of things real Applications :

1. Smart home-

“Smart home” is the most searched IoT associated feature on a search engine. This enables owners to customize and control their home environments for increased security. Here are some ways to build your own smart home with the internet of things.

2. Wearables-

Wearables are one of the hottest trends in IoT Apple, Samsung. This is very large domain consisting of many devices, broadly covering fitness, health etc. In Wearable IoT technologies, the primary requirements for sensors and devices are highly energy-efficient, ultra-low power and small sized.

3. Smart cities-

A smart city is next impactful application is used in IoT generation curiosity among world’s population. Smart energy management system, Automated transportation, water distribution, environmental monitoring all are examples of the Internet of Things applications for smart cities.

4. Agriculture-

IoT is also using in agriculture field like humidity, air temperature, soil quality using remote sensors etc. This project help farmers improve yield, plan more efficient irrigation and make harvest forecast.

5. Industrial IoT-

Industrial automation one of the most profound application in IoT. smarter meter solution, construction industry, electricity grid this all are an example of Industrial internet of things

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