IOT Based Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring System


Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring System

IOT Based Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring System


Problem Statement:

            In Real-Time Monitoring System, to reduce the time lag in between actual requirement and service treatment and to make an effective healthcare system using IoT and cloud platform by using raspberry pi and various health monitoring sensors.



     In the advanced development of technology, IoT makes all objects interconnected and it’s been recognized as the next technical revolution. Some of the applications of the Internet of Things are smart parking, smart home, smart city, smart environment, industrial places, agriculture fields and health monitoring process. One such application in healthcare to monitor the patient’s health status; Internet of Things makes medical pieces of equipment more efficient by allowing real-time monitoring of patient’s health, in which sensor acquire data of the patient and reduces human error. In IoT, patient’s health parameters get transmitted from medical devices via a gateway, where it is stored and analyzed. The significant challenges in the implementation of Internet of Things for healthcare applications are monitoring data of all patients’ from various places. Thus Internet of Things in the medical field brings out the solution for effective patient monitoring at reduced cost and also reduces the trade-off between patient outcome and disease management. In this project, we monitor patient’s body temperature, heart pulse rate and blood pressure on Raspberry Pi platform. From raspberry pi, we can send this acquired data to cloud where monitoring and analysis of this data can be done and can be received on any device at the remote end.



   The unpredictable growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing the world and the rapid drop in price for typical IoT components is allow the public to innovate new designs and products at home. IoT can be used in monitoring patient’s health, for making smart home and smart city. The unexpected occurrence in patients is monitored using IoT. In this project, a specialized sensor is used to monitor patient’s body temperature, heart pulse rate, and blood pressure.

    One of the key learning platforms for IoT is the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a popular platform became it offers a complete Linux server in a tiny platform for a very low cost. The Raspberry Pi also allows interfacing services and actuators through the general purpose I/O pins. The combination of Raspberry Pi and IoT becomes a new innovative technology in a healthcare system. Raspberry Pi acts as a small clinic after connecting these (body temperature, heart pulse rate, and blood pressure) sensors. Its collect data from sensors and then it transfers wirelessly to Cloud.



The study of this concept will helpful for analysis of medical data through sensors to cloud. From the analysis of results using raspberry pi platform efficiency of this system is high and also time reduces while measuring medical parameters of a patient With the help of IoT and AWS cloud technology, real-time monitoring, and storage of data.


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