4 Essentials for PSD to Magento Conversion

essentials of PSD to Magento Conversion

4 Essentials for PSD to Magento Conversion


Why e-commerce website need magneto?

PSD to Magento conversion could be a hassle-free method for creating a quality-rich and fully functional website. It is empowering almost 40% of the shopping websites around the world. It is fully capable of providing a unique shopping experience to the customers and very powerful software platform for theme creation, optimization, and development.

4 Major Essentials for PSD to Magento conversion:

1. Slicing PSD

The first step is to analyze the requirement of PSD (Slicing/breaking PSD design) into completely different fragments and its ability to use in Magento theme. You must have separate templates for every page on your website (Home, About and Contact page).

2. Convert HTML and CSS –

After Slicing/Breaking PSD is converting into multiple layers. This is considered as an important conversion process. After this processing, the (sliced) PSD images are coded into markup Language like HTML. For styling these images, code them with CSS. And file should be saved in .html and .css format with a coding of HTML and CSS respectively.

3. Magento integration

After conversion into HTML and CSS, successive step is to integrate into Magento CMS. This is often one of the crucial steps ensure responsive theme to make them visible on diverse screen and device sizes without any difficulty. It should create folders, directories, and sub-directories.

4. Add the relevant data and test the shopping store

To add relevant data to an online store (descriptions, images, products, prices, a listing of categories etc). After adding the data, to test shopping cart, search form, payments, purchase test etc. It will increase quality, performance, and usability of the online shopping stores.

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