IoT Trends in 2018

IoT Trends in 2018
IoT Trends in 2018

Mobile app technology is crammed with new innovations and has been the center of attention for many years. The apps have made a great contribution to help the mobile industry and facilitate the business world.

Many years turned out to be phenomenal years with great advancements for the app company. Mobile apps effectively create a great identity, increase great awareness, generate leads, and increase sales for marketing.

Top trends you should follow in future:

1. AWS Cloud-based App Development

With the increased usage of cloud technology, mobile developers are aiming to design cloud driven apps. This is a simple and easy way to take out data from the mobile without affecting the internal memory of the phone. There are many other benefits too such as increased productivity and collaboration, better-streamlined operations, reduced hosting and equipment cost etc. if you’re looking ways to enhance your mobile app visibility then you should integrate AWS cloud-based technology in your development strategy.

2. Internet of thing (IoT)

The Internet of things technology is a new trending technology in both mobile and web development field. In the previous year, we noticed the idea of IoT emerging in the home, healthcare, education industry. It will continue to evolve in this year and we’ll get to see some advanced tech in the business domain, day to day lifestyle, and many other domains.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is modifying the way we look at technology. It has enabled some exciting features in healthcare apps, behavioral targeting etc. In addition, it has enabled the use of Chatbots in mobile apps. Chatbots are tools that can encourage human conversation. There are very few apps that have integrated this tech in their mobile apps, we will definitely get to see this in the coming year.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages are yet another trend that is going to have a great impact on the mobile app development industry. The pages are a great way to improve the loading time of the web page in mobile devices. This will reduce the bounce rate and increase the visitors to the site.

5. Improved security

Mobile security is one of the primary concern of the mobile app developers. Apps build with built-in security make a huge difference, many people don’t know the real importance until they face any incident. Since smartphones have all the confidential data stored, the developers are paying heed in implementing security in the apps. More and more apps will get secured with secret features.


The year 2018 will be filled with advanced tech and new innovations. The year will grow economically in every business sector. On an ending note, these are the key tips to get successful in this year and in the future. Make sure you stay updated with all the latest trends and implement them according to shine out among the competitors.


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