We think Out of the Box with Extra Creativity and Implement it to our services of Web Designing and Development, by making and developing well cooled, seo friendly, retina ready with fast performance.


Bitware Technologies helps you to go ahead with your business and to be known as a brand in the competitive market with the help of Magento Services. Our Experienced team works day and night to meet our client’s goal and to take them one step ahead of the given target.

Magento Development Services

In the field of IT, Bitware Technologies, a Magento development services company. Boost your sales on online with an impressive and user-friendly Magento E-commerce website. Bitware Technologies is the right destination for those looking for a veteran and reliable Magento development services provider in the globe.

We work for the clients, but with a different approach. We build them part of the development process by regularly getting their ideas, goals and suggestions. This is something, which differentiates Bitware Technologies from others.

Why Magento?

It’s all about the Advantages!
Magento which is known as one of the most popular & number one commerce platform in all around the world. Its very well known and loved by all of the biggest brands for its flexibility innovation driving.

Be One Step Ahead of Customer Trends.

Magento provides you full flexibility to extend and customise your platform to create differentiated branded and unique experiences.

Boosting Your Online Sales.

Magento not only boosts your online sales but also maximise your gross profit.

magento development services

Bitware Technologies helps you to go ahead with your business and to be known as a brand in the competitive market with the help of Magento Development Services. Our Experienced team works day and night to meet our client’s goal and to take them one step ahead of the given target.



Bitware technologies helps you to accomplished your ideas about the attractive and fully functional websites for your business with the help of wordpress. Our expertise team fulfill’s your goal to make your business as a brand.

wordpress development services

Wordpress Development Services

Bitware Technologies is a WordPress Website Development Services Company. Our team of WordPress Developers provides WordPress CMS development, theme customization, plugin development, Woo commerce development and maintenance services with high-quality technology tools.
Being one of the broadly popular open source content management systems in the globe, WordPress is used for blogs and business websites.  We, at Bitware Technologies, are accomplished at developing smart and powerful web solutions using WordPress for worldwide clients extending.

Our WordPress Development Services

  1. WordPress responsive design development
  2. WordPress Setup and Installation
  3. WordPress Theme development
  4. Custom WordPress plugin development
  5. WordPress ThemeForest theme customization
  6. WooCommerce set-up
  7. WooCommerce Customization


Design your creative Dream in real life with our WordPress Service. Wonderful corporate website designs & beautiful websites for bloggers, professionals and businesses.

Benefits of using WordPress Development Services

1. Manage Your Website from Any Computer
2. Ease of Use
3. Search Engines Love WordPress Sites
4. You Have Control of Your Site
5. Your Site Can Grow as Your Business Grows
6. The Design of Your Website is 100% Customizable
7. A Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go
8. Extend the Functionality of Your Site with Plugins

Bitware Technologies gives you the complete solution for an Amazing responsive design for successful business. We focus more and more on the quality and we don’t stop until our client gets the best creative output and long term results. Our creative team has an ultimate experience of working on plenty of creative sites and projects, redesigning existing sites, platforms, building designs for new organizations and business.



Bitware Technologies provide custom Joomla development services by using user-friendly features, extensions. In the list of content management system joomla is a preferred one to create websites.

Joomla Development Services

Because of its extensibility and user-friendliness, Joomla has become most popular. It is an open source service that is available to everyone. With Joomla developed in PHP, a large number of applications are created on this platform that everyone can use, share and support. Many companies require the factors that defer from those that are accessible in basic type and our company delivers various Joomla Development Services for any needs.

Why to Choose Our Joomla Development Services

  1. The end product meets your business needs
  2. Web applications are customizable and expressive
  3. Website products and Service come with an easy to date an update
  4. The end product will provide calm of third-party module integration

Joomla Development Services for Many Sections

  1. Extended user level accesses
  2. Project Management
  3. Newsletter with subscribe and unsubscribe
  4. Property rental, Support
  5. Events calendar, Photo gallery
  6. Real estate agency

Joomla Web Development Services

  1. Custom design templates
  2. Module Development
  3. Templates Customization
  4. Template Integration
  5. Custom modification and Maintenance works
  6. Custom Component


Joomla – an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables to build powerful Websites and online applications. Joomla is also known as an solution for open source that is freely available to everyone.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide a flexible, free and multilingual platform for digital collaboration and publishing. Bitware Technologies Joomla team take cares that this platform should be very stable, extensible & secure meanwhile adapting the latest technologies to the core product to be innovative and renewing as a platform.

Also providing a stable tool for our clients, web-builders, to extend, maintain and edit an online publishing platform.


• Freedom
• Equality
• Trust
• Community
• Collaboration
• Usability
• Transparency

joomla development services

Bitware Technologies is an IT Company that offers comprehensive Software Solutions. Joomla Development Company serves end to end solutions for, Joomla Development Service, Joomla Development, Joomla solutions.


Drupal is a Content Management framework than a Content Management System, means you can create a server application for any kind of functionality using DRUPAL.


Drupal which is known as system of rich content management system which also helps to deliver proficient websites and acts as an open-source technology for process of website development. Owning an incredible website enables you to attract more business for your organisation or company by increasing the web traffic.

Bitware Technologies Drupal Service helps by building user-friendly and search engine friendly websites for our clients. These built websites are very easy to use as well as strengthens the SEO process. Our Drupal Service allows to simply post and control content provided on the sites. Our Expert Team of Drupal publishes using the PHP scripting language and reinforced by MySQL data resource, and it is available under the GNU Public Certificate.

Main advantages that Drupal provides

Easy to navigate platform & has a user interface which is simple and allows a person with less technical knowledge to handle the website easily & efficiently also allows interacting with its admin section. Drupal provides easy shortcuts to the web development process making it a fun-filled task.

It increases speed of web development and helps to enhance the developer’s productivity, according to the requirement of the client for his business.

An secure platform to upload all the usable relevant content & information remains free from all the risks that the internet can attract.

• Freedom
• Equality
• Trust
• Community
• Collaboration
• Usability
• Transparency

Bitware Technologies is a leading Drupal Application Development Company. We have a team of innovative Drupal developers who can provide incredible website development. For more information on Drupal Development contact us.


With Php development services we bring your thoughts into existence. We develop dynamic websites within your budget but also create a web application with great UI.

PHP Development Services Company

Now at present days, the most loved scripting language of a web developer is PHP. It is mainly used for web programming as it perfectly mingles with other web technologies.

Bitware Technologies has been one of the most chosen PHP Development Services Company. With the incredible experience, our expert developers have enabled us to an ability of PHP Development Services provider by completing 15000+ projects and satisfying 10000+ clients across the world.


  1. Best works with divers Interfaces: PHP is top used where the request of user is carried out based on database credentials straight to HTML form.
  2. PHP Frameworks: Now a days, there are different PHP frameworks available in the industry such as Zend, CodeIgniter etc. Most ecommerce as well as Social Media platforms use a PHP framework for example LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook etc.
  3. User Friendliness: PHP builds best HTML results with less code. PHP is simpler to work with as compared with other languages.
  4. Time Saving : Different from other languages which consumes more time while producing grouped result while PHP produce result reusable scripts that works without any imperfections all over the site repeatedly while saving our most of Time.
  5. Compatible with other Technologies: As already said PHP works best with Linux server. And it produces best results while merging with CSS, HTML and AJAX.


  • Features are Flexible
  • Affordable cost for Quality Products
  • Skilled PHP Developers and Highly committed
  • Development SEO friendly
  • User friendly Design and Navigation Structure
  • Customized MYSQL /PHP websites.
  • Our team is highly experienced and fully dedicated in the field of PHP/AJAX/MYSQL
  • Timely Delivered
  • Customized web design using Photoshop, Flash and Dream Weaver
  • Quality Services Within your Time and Budget


Codeigniter is an open source framework based on PHP to develop catchy websites. It comprises with a basic structure that allows creating robust PHP and cost-effective websites.

Codeigniter development services

CodeIgniter Development Services Company

Bitware Technologies is CodeIgniter Development Services Company. It can bring in engaging and dynamic changes to your website. In other ways, If you are planning for attractive and effective web app development for full featured web applications, you cannot miss out CodeIgniter. It is an Open source web application development framework based on Model-View-Controller paradigm.

Our core CodeIgniter Development team targets on the development of your web applications and website. A high quality of design while keeping in mind your essentials along with the uses of PHP Web App Development using CodeIgniter helps us to develop and generate code for your web app. As a CodeIgniter Development Services Company that delivers most desired CodeIgniter Development Services. Our goal is to deliver and build a web application that is easy to use and robust.

What We Offer: CodeIgniter Development Services

  • PHP CodeIgniter Website Up – Gradation and Maintenance: We are available 24/7 for your website up gradation and maintenance. We ensure that your application runs faster.
  • Custom and create E-Commerce site: Build your E-Commerce business easy and fast with CI Framework & Ajax based Shopping cart app to manage all the sensitive data.
  • Develop Custom Web App: Knowledgeable CodeIgniters transform your business value into database driven web app highly customized to the require.
  • Back end for Mobile: Our expert developers have the required skills to develop web backend for your mobile applications with CodeIgniter technology.
  • Web 2.0 based CMS Development: Our developers develop well planned CMS, customize as you need with functionality stream within your specified time frame.
  • Integration with 3rd party API’S : We integrate 3rd party services like email services, social media services, payment gateways, etc. with various API’s

How CodeIgniter is the answer for your upcoming project?

A Note on CodeIgniter’s Attributes for Your Benefit

  • Easy database management
  • Right information and extensive support community, forums and more.
  • Develop dynamic websites at a faster rate by using the libraries for common codes.
  • User friendly search engine URLs and full page caching.
  • Application and website customization as per your specification.
  • 100% client satisfaction and complete assistance.
  • High scalability and simplicity is an asset for your PHP application development project.
  • We create simple solution CI through the data may be complex


With CakePHP development, we build feature rich and customized websites for all types and sizes of businesses. CakePHP is based on MVC framework.

CakePHP development Services Company

Bitware Technologies is customized CakePHP development services Company which offers end-to-end CakePHP development services, CakePHP framework development, CakePHP outsourcing services and CakePHP programming esteemed organizations all around the Globe. CakePHP is one of the powerful Open Source PHP Framework. It is very helpful for building web application easier, require less code and faster. CakePHP reduce the development cost and saves a lot on development time too.

Bitware Technologies has high skilled CackPHP Developers which helps you to generate custom web application and dynamic website very quickly. Our Expert developers are up to date with a latest version of this open source framework. You can also hire highly experience CackPHP developer for your project at hour based.

Why Choose CakePHP Web Development Services?

  • Free open source PHP Framework
  • Easy Template Development and Design
  • Facility of Testing
  • SEO Friendly Web App Development
  • Generation code through Bake
  • Quick implementation of Forms, paging, Ajax, RSS and Other functionalist
  • No configuration required
  • Support for caching for improving performance
  • Rapid App Development
  • Simply Compatible
  • Powerful Technology Efficiency
  • Delivering Result Oriented App Development Services
  • Experience in Component Development


Bitware technologies utilize our expertise skill to manoeuvre your web application in an elegant and stylish way with the help of Laravel development services.

laravel development services company


Bitware technologies laravel development services helps you to make your task simpler and easier with the help of LARAVEL and with our genius team. Bitware technologies has experts Laravel developers who used their skills to consumed your creative ideas into reality.

Laravel is a powerful open source Model View Controller PHP framework design for developers who need to create a fast & full featured web applications. It offers a robust set of tools and an applications architecture that incorporates many of the best features of frameworks. Laravel development services has set of features which boost the speed of web development. As well as it utilize to make secure website and also it prevents the various attacks on the websites.

Why choose Laravel Development Services

1. Modularity
2. Testability
3. Configuration Management
4. Routing
5. Query Builder and Object relational Mapper
6. Template engine
7. E-Mailing
8. Schema builder, migrations and seeding
9. Authentication
10. Redies
11. Queues
12. Event and command bus