What exactly is UX Design?


What is UX Design?

User experience design (UXD or UED) is the procedure of upgrading customer/client satisfaction and reliability by upgrading the purpose, ease of use, and thrill provides in the interact between the customer/client and the product. User experience design envelops traditional human-computer interaction design and boosts it by addressing all facet of a product or service as received by users. User experience is any facet of a people interacts with a given Information Technologies system, including the graphics, interface, industrial design, physical interaction, and the entire manual.

The First think for a commendable user experience is to study with what exactly process and requirement of the customer. Next comes to simplicity produce to the product that is charm to own or charm to use, perfect user experience goes for a good way of giving customer what they say and what they want in procedure to achieve high-quality user experience in the company’s offering there must be a logical combine of the services of the various disciplines, including graphical, engineering, marketing, industrial Design, and web design, interface design.

How does UX process?



  1. Planning-

Planning is important from the beginning because it expresses the brand, tech principles, and long-term perception of a company.
In the planning ground, UX project will shape the intention of project –
What is the company expecting to achieve the project?
How its achievement should be consistent? And
What preference should it have in the noble proposal of things?

  1. Research

Often referred to as the Diagnosis phase, the Research point is probably the most fluctuating between projects. Complicated projects will compose to important user and challenges Research activities. In many people eye’s, the Research point is key to creating an informed user experience.

  1. Analysis

The Purpose of the Analysis point is to standoff judgment from data collected until the Research point.
Catching, organizing and making reasoning from the “what” can help UX Designers begin to explain the “why”.
Communicating the designer’s explaining back to end-users helps to confirm to any expectation being made are accurate.

  1. Design

A Design Point of Ux project Collective and constant. A confirmation on the user feedback circumference authorize in the previous point, the assertion of the design point is to put perfect ideas in the frontend user, get their valuable feedback, improvement them, and repeat these ideas represent on the paper by using wireframe or semi-functioning model, or it’s a branding and visual details.

  1. Production

The Production point is where the high-devotion design is flush out, content and digital equity are created, and a high devotion part of the product is endorsed with client and end-users through user testing sessions. The aspect of the UX Designer changes from creating and endorsing new ideas to participating with developers to mentor and super the right and achieve the goal.


Aniket Salve

Aniket Salve is a professional Web Designer. Holding an experience of 1 year in HTML | CSS | Photoshop

Aniket Salve

About Aniket Salve

Aniket Salve is a professional Web Designer. Holding an experience of 1 year in HTML | CSS | Photoshop