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As you all know 22nd July has gone, now let’s look out at one of the more promising Enhanced Campaign features: GEO (location) targeting with bid modifiers.

Enabling Location Targeting in Enhanced Campaigns.

To go with this first you have to enable this function, to enabling this function go to the settings tab of the campaign and then to the location and then to the “Edit Locations”.

Next: Add your locations and hit save button.

After this process you will now be able to see the bid Modifier section for each of the locations.

Now there you can change the bid adjustment for each location.

Some useful Tips for Enhanced Campaigns – Geo (location targeting) with Bid Modifiers.

If there is are some locations where the campaign is performing very well, better or specifically you want to target, then you will have to adjust the bids in a positive way, increasing the bid by positive percent.
Example:- If you want to target California more heavily than the United States, So By setting a +15% bid we are informing AdWords to increase our Max CPC bid in California by 15%. Or Say you want to lower bid in California (because of low performance in that specific area) you could set a -15% or -10% bid adjustment.
This new feature in AdWords – Bid Modification allows more granular level of management within each of the campaigns, and can provide very positive performance results.