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Social media has a vital role to play in Digital Marketing. No business can afford to lose opportunity one social media possess. Social media has immense power to attract costumers conveniently. Social media is a greater platform used for mass communication and information sharing about product or services. Social media uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Before we discuss the necessity of social media, Bitware Technologies would like to share some conceptual knowledge about Social media Strategy for a business.

Social Media Means
A Digital platform which has mass online connectivity and networking facility to share content and information about product and services of any business. It also refers to different kind of mobile friendly applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.

Necessity of Social Media
1) Greater source of business opportunity.
2) Maximum reaches to customer
3) Convenient channel of communication and information sharing
4) To boost up SEO of business website
5) It helps to get a notification for desired events.
6) Social media helps to resolve the problem immediately.
7) Create the relationship between organization and customer.
8) Important for target marketing.
9) Introduction to the potential customer.
10) ROI for social media ads is higher.

How it is done?
• Page for your company is created on different social media platforms and maintain it by posting content, videos, and images related to business.
• Joining of groups and subsequently posting of related information.
• Attract traffic by using different promotional activities.
• Event-related postings of greetings and images.