eCommerce : Amazon Affiliate Marketing on WordPress


Amazon affiliate is probably the oldest and the most successful internet affiliate program.

The beauty of placing Amazon Associate product links in your our blog posts is that we can hand-pick items that will be useful and of interest to our readers and that completely make sense with our subject matter.

It is very simple. We create we do a product placement, we can edit, we can publish.

Do you want to learn how? Then Follow following Steps:

Before we even think about placing product links into our posts, we will need to create an Amazon Associates account. To do this, first sign in to regular Amazon account from there apply for an account i.e. It will take around 24 or fewer hours for approval.

Once we have been approved we can go ahead and start embedding products into our blog posts. There are so many opportunities for product link display within WordPress posts. We just have to remember to do it. The secret to making or earning money with Amazon Associates is to work those product links in wherever they make sense.

How to add an Amazon Affiliate on WordPress:

So now to the technical aspects How do we get those product links embedded in our blog posts?  It is very easy and simple.


Log in to Amazon Associates Account. Find the links and banners button if we want. In the drop down menu, select “product links”.


Step 2:

Now we are going to find the item you want to feature in our post. Let’s pretend that today we are posting about a fruit salad and want to place an ad for a banana slicer in our post. So we need to do is type for “banana slicer” in the “for” space and click on “go”.

From there all we have got to do is scroll till we find the particular product we think will work well for our post. Once we have located it click “Get Link”.


Step 3:

We have some code now. We need to copy that code that’s it.


Now open the WordPress dashboard and click on any post and paste that code where we want it to appear on the post. Add the code in the Text Mode because it is Html code. When we add the code in the Text Mode then switch back to the visual mode for the image. There is a possibility won’t display the image.

After that when we save or publish the post and we have got an embedded Amazon Associates link!

That’s it, so simple, right? Make genuine recommendations.

Then let Amazon work it is magic. It is a trusted brand that will get clicks. We know very few people who don’t shop on Amazon.

Also, we can use a plugin. There are many free as well as paid standard plugin available for integration of Amazon Affiliate Marketing in the WordPress post. For ex. Amazon Link etc. It depends on our requirement. We can use any plugin.

The plugin enables you to put Amazon product links, images and bespoke templates into our site’s Pages, Posts, Widgets, and Templates.

Sumanta Relkar

Sumanta is well skilled and holding experience of 2.5+ years in Wordpress | Joomla | Unity | Phonegap | Basic Magento | PHP | Html | Css | Javascript & SEO

Sumanta Relkar

About Sumanta Relkar

Sumanta is well skilled and holding experience of 2.5+ years in Wordpress | Joomla | Unity | Phonegap | Basic Magento | PHP | Html | Css | Javascript & SEO