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In Last Blog we have seen what Digital Marketing is. Now we will see what Social Media Marketing is and what is the need of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Social Media Marketing is one of the most important profiles in digital marketing. Basically social Media Marketing is the process of acquiring more traffic from social media or social sites. There are so many social sites where you can share whatever you want, like short messages, info graphics, and images and so on. Twitter is one of the popular social sites where you can share short messages. On the other side on Facebook you can share your photos events and many other activities.

The World of Social Media never slow down, it just growing and growing with new activities, functionality and opportunities. The growing message interest apps such as Facebook messenger, whats app, snapchat, hangout and more that actually shows the peoples interest in communiting through these social sites messengers.

Likewise, the year also saw useful in digital marketing to boost your business. Social Media is useful for every small business to big budget businesses. No matter what you sell and who you sell it to. Using social media as your marketing tool it will always help you to grow your business.

In short The Social Media helps you to achieve your communication goals, targets and objectives which you use for your business.

Need of Social Media Marketing:

  • Use of Social Media to boosts your site’s SEO-

                   Basically the Google crawlers know to which page you get more traffic and which page is on top. Because of Social media your site get explores and Google crawlers crawls your page. So that Social Media helps you to increase your websites ranking that means it will help you to boost your SEO.

  • Social Media Post used to get more traffic-


Social Media is very advantageous to increase traffic to your website. Creating a new page to your site is really a good thing. You want to world see what you think then this is the best idea to explore your thoughts. When your presence gets increases on social media automatically you get more traffic.

  •  Lead to real relationship building-

Social Media is the thing where you can post products or whatever you want like on twitter, instagram so that you can get cool interaction with your customer. They can read your tweets, post and ultimately it will helpful to build a trust on your product, your website.

  •  Targeting and Re-targeting-

One of the important reasons to use Social Media is the ads. Let’s take the example of Facebook ads. It has many more options to target your audience like location, age, education, interest, Industry and the history of pages they have like. You can retarget your audience with pixel code which we can get it at the time of posting ads.

  • Respond to problems immediately-

If you have any problem with your product or services and you want to know it right away, then you can get into that issue with the help of feedback through social media process.

  • Builds Brands Loyalty-

Social media

When you are engaging and interacting with customers through social media then you become what truly you are. So ultimately you gain valid customers. In so many reports it shows that if you have a social media profiles then you have more loyal customers.

  • To get More sales-

        Social media doesn’t keep just your company name but it also publishes your products and services and it gives the opportunity to get sales from social media. Just try to share anything for your websites like coupon code and see how far your post goes through social media.

  • ROI of Social Media is Unbeatable-

       Usually cost per click on Google Adwords is around $1 to $2 and it’s actually is depend on keyword target. But social media gives you opportunity to boost your ads in only $0.12 per click. So of-course the ROI on social media is unbeatable.

  • Your Competition is getting social ,so you should too-

          Do you know that 90% or more than that brand are being social now and they are using more than one social media platform? If you are active and engaging on variety of networks then surely you can get more traffic.

So now are you ready to boost your business with the help of Social Media Marketing?

Monika Bhosale

Monika - expanding her knowledge and experience in the field of Digital Marketing, with good skills over SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Monika Bhosale

About Monika Bhosale

Monika - expanding her knowledge and experience in the field of Digital Marketing, with good skills over SEO and Social Media Marketing.